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Willis C. Dean

My uncle was the bombardier on Sky Chief. He passed away in June of 2008. My Mom, his sister, has a bunch of pixs from the days on Tinian.  I was looking at them and one has the crew names which were painted on the side.  It doesn't say their position in the B 29, but here is the combat crew list. Some background and as my Mom told me.  He went into the service about 1940 and washed out of fighter school and eventually wound up as a Bombardier on B-29's.  She said he was in India - I recall him telling me that.  Then went to Tinain, where he stayed til wars end.  He stayed in the USAF through Vietnam and said that was enough.

Any member of Mo's crew please contact me.

Jan Carpenter (proud niece)

Capt Marshall O Brown
Lt Nick J Soulis
Lt Willis C Dean - (My uncle)
Lt Russell L Lewis
M/Sgt Julian R Adamson Jr
Sgt Manuel C Teevino
Sgt Loren Mallette
Sgt George J Mallon
Cpl Henry G Filteau
Cpl Samuel B Greensport
Cpl Marion O Rogers


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