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"Foo Fighter" (UFO) sightings
This is provided only for it’s historical content only and not as an opinion or explanation of these events.


1944.11.10 - daylight, Coast of Formosa just west of Okayama at 25,000 feet
B-29(?), black dot seen to hang in the air without movement or explosion. It was smaller than a flak burst, and looked like an object rather than a cloud of smoke. (Weekly Intelligence Summary #11, 10 Nov 44, HQ, Eastern Air Command, South East Asia)


1945.04.03 - Night, Japan
B-29 formation, two orange balls of fire. One near IP and the other over the target appeared to come from the ground and then move even with he B-29s along the flight paths. No explosions. (Report of Operation 3-4 April 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)


1945.04.03, - 1813Z, Tokyo Bay area flying across the peninsula at land's end
B-29, heading 115 degs., 8000 feet, light observed following and closing on B-29 while gaining altitude. Ball of fire followed aircraft despite evasive maneuvers. Picked up on radar. Followed aircraft to about 25 to 30 miles beyond the coast over the ocean. (Report of Operation 3-4 April 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)


1945.04.03, 1814Z - Tokyo Bay area.
B-29 heading 120 degs., 7000 feet ball of fire observed at 4 o'clock position following aircraft. Evasive action through clouds 3 time could not loose the object which had a phosphorescent glow. Stayed with B-29 for 5 minutes across Tokyo Bay after that it disappeared. (Report of Operation 3-4 April 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)


1945.05.15 - Night, Nogoya, Japan.
B-29, 444th Bomb Group, "The first sighting of a ball of fire' was made on this mission." (444th Bombardment Gourp history)


1945.05.23 - Night, Tokyo, Japan.
B-29, 444th Bomb Group, "Three balls of fire' reported." (444th Bombardment Group history.)


1945.07.12/13 - Night Japan.
B-29, Orange light paralleling the path of enemy aircraft. Unable to determine if it was part of aircraft. (Report on Attack of 4 Cities, 12/13 July 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)


1945.07.16/17 - Night near Numazu, Japan.
B-29, 58th Wing, Mission #271, ball of fire at 10,000 feet followed aircraft. Disappeared into smoke to the right of the B-29.(Mission 271-274 16/17 July 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)


1945.07.16/17 - Night, near Numazu, Japan.
B-29, 58th Wing, 58th Wings, Mission #271 one light seen at 10,800 feet about 500 feet above B-29 and gaining. When within 500 feet of the B-29, the light turned right, went off and disappeared. (Intel Officer: sharp maneuvers do not support Baka theory.) (Mission 271-274 16/17 July 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command


1945.07.16/17 - Night, Numazu, Japan.
B-29, 58th Wings, Mission #271, a red light at the 6 o'clock position. The light passed to the right of aircraft making sharp turns. B-29 crew received flak from the ground at this time. (Mission 271-274 16/17 July 1945, HQ 21st Bomber Command)


The above information was taken from "Project 1947"


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