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Donald D. Hale

My father was a nav/bomb. On Jack Doran’s crew (Lady Marge). Flew 25 bomb missions, 22 hump missions.  He told me a number of stories about flying on the lady marge and earlier, on the Flying Stud.


  1. Jack K. Doran, Pilot
  2. Charles “Chuck” Herring (co-pilot?)
  3. Robert H. MacDonald (Bombardier/Navigator)
  4. Oliver R. Nicklas Jr. (Navigator)
  5. Mac Rieder
  6. Philip Sasser
  7. Charles A. Smith
  8. William E. Smith Jr.
  9. William M. Clinton
  10. Anthony Verdeschi
  11. Delmore P. Wood
  12. someone named Brown and nicknamed “Brownie”?

Crew of "Winnie II" - Note, this is not the crew listed above.

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