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Clarence M. Howe, Jr.

Page dedicated to "C.M." Howe

444th BG / 87th ASG

All of the items on this page were donated by the Howe family.

Clarence M. Howe,  Jr. - 11/45


C.M. on Motorpool Harley - U.S. Location & Date Unknown



CM in India - 1944


CM on Tinian - 1945

Unknown - 1944 or '45


"Satan's Angel" - India,  1944


"Calamity Jane" (40th Bomb Group) - India,  1944


"Enola Gay" - Tinian - Aug. 6th, 1945


"FU-KEMAL" - India,  1944


"Hombicrismus" - India,  1944


"Urgin' Virgin'" - India,  1944


INDIA 6/44 - 04/45


CM & Pals


Unknown Friends - CBI



Unknown Baseball Players - India 1944


Uninvited Indian Dinner "Guest"


Indian Funeral


Indian Caravan







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CM Howe - Page 3

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