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George Kenney

Dedicated to 1st Lt. George Kenney and the men he served with aboard "Old Battler" & "Victory Girl". 

All of the items on this page were provided by Association Member Dave Kenney,  George Kenney's Son.

Crew Training Photo- Great Bend, KS.


Old Battler Crew Photo - India, 1944


1st Lt. Kenney


Click HERE for "The Saga of Old Battler" - Story & Poem


Mission breakdown for "Old Battler":

-April 7th 1944, left the States, arrived India April 10th. June 5th 1944 took part in first B-29 bomb raid.

-Sept. 8th, Anshan Manchuria.

-October 11th, transferred from the 676th to the 677th Bomb Squadron.

-Oct. 14th, Okayama-

-Oct. 25th, Omura-

-Nov 11th, Omura-

-Nov 21st, Omura. This last trip was "Old Battler’s" last combat mission as she was forced to land in china due to damage from Jap fighter attack. She was later recovered and sent back to states as a trainer. From this point until April, 1945 they did not have an assigned aircraft, but their missions were as follows:

-Jan. 6th, Omura

-Jan. 9th, Keelung

-Jan. 14th, Kagi

-Jan. 17th, Shinchiku

-Feb. 7th, Saigon

-Feb. 24th, Singapore

-Mar. 2nd, Singapore

-Apr. 24th, assigned shipment # 57001-p-z aircraft no 42-24731 "Victory Girl", & transferred to Tinian.

-May  19th,  Nav Esc. (??)

-May  25th,  Tokyo

-May  29th,  Yokohama - Abort

-Jun. 1st, Osaka

-Jun. 5th, Kobe

-Jun. 19th, Toyohashi

-Jun. 26th, Kagamigahara

-Jun. 28th, Okayama

-Jul. 1st, Kure

-Jul. 6th, Chiba

-Jul. 9th, Sendai

-Jul. 12th, Utsonomiya

-Jul. 16th, Numazu

-Jul. 19th, Fukui, end of war for this very tired crew.



The Burma Road


Flying over "The Hump"


Battle Damage


Howard Goodwin


Lt. Kenney










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