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Nile Mitchell

Crew Chief, 676th & 679th Sq. - Crewed many B-29s including "Monsoon Goon",  "HUN-DA-GEE",  "Blue Bonnet Belle",  & "Li'l Herbert".  

All of the items on this page were submitted & are owned by Nile Mitchell and Katie Kirk,  except where noted.

Three Feathers - India,  1944


Nile Mitchell crew chief,  center


Crew crashed in jungle - 1944


Making Ice Cream - India,  1944:  Crack,  Wallace,  Jackman,  Unknown


Mitchell,  Wallace, Jackman


"Flying Stud II"


Crew member wanted one for mama


Ground Crew


Haircuts - Dudkhundi


The "Hump"




"JO",  after Kamikaze attack - Iwo Jima


"Li'l Herbert" and crew


Nile & "Hun-Da-Gee"


Washing the plane...


"Pete",  Chinese soldier - Named the "Hun-Da-Gee" (Chinese for "5-Headed Dragon")




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