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Leon Pierro

Dedicated to Association member Bill Pierro's father Leon.

All items provided by Bill Pierro.







He had this picture in his pocket when he died, and when we buried him.  He was an animal lover.  When it was three months old, it practically tore one of the guys arms off (he apparently spent a lot of time in a hospital) and they had to let it go.  My dad missed that darned leopard all his life.  He also told stories about wild dogs, goony birds, sacred cows, and hunting a killer tiger all his life.


This was my father’s favorite picture.  He said that he stood in position for 2-weeks until the water was perfectly still for the picture.  He loved everything about India.  He said that he had a lot more pictures, but one night, he was in the latrine (a ditch, I’m sure) when ‘they’ ran through the tent area throwing hand grenades into the pup tents blowing everything up.  He said that he had hundreds of pictures (that all fell to the ground like rain (pieces) for hours while they recovered (and ‘removed’)…




Missions: Nagoya, Rangoon, Nagoya, Kyushu, Yawata, Tokyo, Iwo Jima, Saigon, Nagoya, Kobe, Tokyo, Saigon, Yawata, Nagoya, Malaya, Rangoon, Tokyo, Kobe, Iwo Jima, Singapore, Osaka, Osaka, Tokyo, Nagoya




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